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09 SEP 21


Alpha Football Academy is delighted to announce a new partnership with Al Batinah International School, helping further develop the football programme at the school. The Alpha Football Academy team will deliver authentic training methods developed within the academy and designed to help pupils reach their full potential. As part of the programme, the coaches will monitor the pupils, allowing them to learn and develop their skills to play attacking football with the flair, fluidity, and passion hallmarks of the club.

About Al Batinah International School

The Al Batinah International School is a not-for-profit, International Baccalaureate International School serving the Sohar region. It is known for its innovative curriculum and commitment to quality. ABIS is owned by Sohar Aluminum and Orpic; both committed to seeing the school as a beacon of quality education in Oman. The Head of School and leader at ABIS is Dominic Robeau.

Statement from Dominic Robeau, Head of School of Al Batinah International School

"Al Batinah International School (ABIS) is excited to begin our relationship with the well-established Alpha Football Academy using our excellent sports field for football training. We are pleased to provide this venue for the youth of our Sohar community and look forward to seeing our sports field filled with children learning to play football and having great fun while doing so. We wish Alpha Football Academy every success in this excellent opportunity for the community."

Statement from Abdulla Mubarak Alfori, Chairman of Alpha Football Academy

"As part of our objective to develop the youth in Oman to become professional football players, the cooperation between Alpha Football Academy and Al Batinah International School is a step in the right direction. ABIS students will have a first-class training programme to learn and use proper techniques/rules, raising their self-esteem and confidence while playing football. In addition, Alpha Football Academy will sponsor International Football Clubs and accordingly organize training programmes in Oman for students who can become great football players. Alpha Football Academy also sends students abroad (i.e. Italy and Spain) to train with experienced coaches from International Football Clubs to enhance their skills, knowledge, confidence, exposure to the international football world, etc."

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