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DOB 18 AUG 04

18 APR 20


I was introduced to the beautiful game of football when I was ten years old. The older boys in my neighbourhood were passionate about the sport and watching them play kindled an interest within me. I was intrigued by the fact that our feet were also capable of performing such wonders. Till then I had been interested in cricket, a game played primarily with hands.


Participate. Belong. Inspire. 

This notion of Alpha was the governing factor in my taking up of football. My neighbours succeeded in encouraging me to participate in and get involved with football. After that, I regularly played the sport casually without any real intention of making a career out of football. 


At the age of twelve, one of my family friends put forward the idea of me joining a football academy to build on my interest in something more meaningful. "The Football Academy Oman" (TFAO), as the Alpha Football Academy was known in 2016, was where I found my coaches – Meeran Yoosuf and Muhammad Yoosuf. On a methodology that is based on truly discovering and grooming young talent rather than just for the sake of business, they stood out from the rest of the local academies. Aspiring to provide players with an atmosphere and facilities required to transform them into professionals, they quickly became dear to any new student. Furthermore, belonging to Generation Y, they could also relate to the problems students face in the Indian system of education.


Alpha has left no stone unturned in my all-round development as a football player. I can say, very confidently, that my game sense has improved tremendously since I joined this academy. My individual skills have also catapulted because of the efforts of the coaches. Fitness, physique, ball control, touch, passing and shot accuracy have all improved by leaps and bounds. All the local matches, inter-academy leagues and trials both in and outside of Oman have immensely improved my confidence. Alpha has also improved other aspects of my personality in terms of respect for others, unity and teamwork, and so much more. All of this was possible only because of the coaches at Alpha.


I wish to continue here with Alpha. I want to attend more trials in the future so that the door to the football career remains forever open. This academy has made me much more than just a better football player. For this, I will remain forever grateful to it.

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