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07 NOV 19


About Venezia FC

Venezia Football Club, commonly referred to as Venezia, is a professional football club based in VeniceVeneto, Italy, that currently plays in Serie B, the second tier of Italian football. Founded by a merger in 1907, Venezia has spent a large part of their history in Serie A and Serie B, the top two divisions in Italy. Venezia won the Coppa Italia in 1941, defeating Roma in a two-legged final. The win remains Venezia's only major trophy to date.


Venezia FC in Oman

On 1st November 2019, we started by welcoming our guests Mr Evans Soligo (international projects coach & assistant coach U19), Mr Simone Spina (international projects developer) and Mr Mattia Collauto (youth academy director) at the Muscat Holiday Inn. We quickly understood the passion for sports both the parties have as the coaches were very keen to start their clinic later in the evening. Much of our talk was about how Venezia FC and Alpha Football Academy can develop football together.

Meanwhile, the coaches briefed us enthusiastically about the training programme and schedule prepared by them.

Day 1 - Body Postures and Transmissions

Focusing the ball control and the pass, trying to use the correct foot to put the teammate who receives in the best conditions.


Day 2 - Structure of the Rhombus Pursuit

We will do exercises of the transmissions on the sides of the rhombus, positional exercises to develop the acknowledgement of this structure inside the pitch.


Day 3 - Construction, Zone 1

Zone 1, the constructing area, is the part of the pitch where the action starts in the phase of possession. Targets will be given, and players will make passes towards them, correctly positioning the body.


Day 4 - Duels 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs2

We are going to produce duelling conditions, starting from the simple 1vs1, getting to the 3vs2 exercise, involving several players, having the objective of going for goal.


Day 5 - Ball Possession

Training the ball possession by one team. The players will have to work on the fan-out and man-on conditions, furthermore on the postures and the passes.

Alpha Football Academy - Venezia FC

Venezia FC coaches were impressed by the serene beauty, tantalizing local cuisines, rich culture and heritage of Muscat, Oman as they visited Muttrah Souq, Corniche, The National Museum of Oman, Al Alam Palace, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and Al Mouj.

Statements from Venezia FC

Statements from Alpha Football Academy


01 NOV 19


05 NOV 19






Alpha Football Academy - Jyot Mehul Sheth

Jyoth Mehul Sheth (DOB 27 AUG 07)

During the Venezia FC camp, I had a great time learning new drills and exercises. I was excited to meet the professional coaches of Venezia FC, and I even received a certificate of participation which was very good. Overall everything was excellent and fun.

Alpha Football Academy - Rayan Pradeep Nair

Rayan Pradeep Nair (DOB 10 NOV 07)

Venezia FC camp was the first-ever foreign camp I have attended. It was like a whole new style of football. It was almost the same from what we train in Oman but just a little more advance. It was fun learning the Italian style of football. I could not believe that I was being taught by professional footballers who played in the Italian league. I thought the coaches were going to be very strict, but they were kind. It was one of my best experiences, and I hope Venezia FC comes to Alpha once again.

Alpha Football Academy - Advaith Nair and Vedanth Nair

Advaith Nair (DOB 01 JUN 05) & Vedanth Nair (DOB 22 MAR 07)

Venezia FC camp was the first official football camp for us. The coaches were patient in teaching the newcomers and paid attention to each and everyone trying to improve their game. They taught us many new drills that apply to in-game situations. The coaches made different drills for different age groups which were helpful. In the 5-day session we had with the Venezia FC coaches, we learnt a lot about the game and what it takes to reach the professional level. It gave us much more confidence while playing football and motivated us in chasing our dreams. It was a great experience overall, and I look forward to having another session with them.

Alpha Football Academy - Namrata Kharga

Namrata Kharga (DOB 31 AUG 06) & Neeraj Kharga (DOB 28 APR 08)

We got an opportunity to attend the Venezia FC camp. It was an excellent experience for us and an opportunity to test our potential. The coaches taught us various technical drills in detail and how in actual matches these will be helpful. One of the coaches, even though retired and in his late 40's, was very active and fit, which inspired us to stay healthy. Apart from the physical requirements, the coaches stressed on punctuality, discipline and boosted our morale at every opportunity. Attending the camp was a massive investment in the improvement of our skills. The camp played a significant role in the development of my character as a teen for which I am glad. In the present context where kids are more bound at home with electronics, and parents focus only on studies. Alpha coaches helped us to understand the importance of physical activity, outdoor sports both to me, my brother and specifically my parents. We look forward to continuing further training under these coaches.

Alpha Football Academy - Pranjal Bharti

Pranjal Bharti (DOB 10 OCT 07)

Do you know what a football camp is, or do you know what it is to be in a football camp? It's being trained and guided by professionals from a renowned football club. Well, that is something I got to experience and learn. All thanks to Alpha Football Academy I was lucky enough to be a part of the Venezia FC camp.

Alpha Football Academy - Venezia FC - Mattia Collauto

Mattia Collauto

The thing that most impressed me was the curiosity and education that the kids showed to approach the activities during these days. It surely was a nice surprise, and we will bring in our hearts.

Simone Spina

Simone Spina

Our first experience in Oman was very interesting. We found a wonderful city, kind people, everything in order and very clean. So we really enjoyed this experience. We have a wonderful experience with Alpha Football Academy, both with management and their coaches. They are really committed in what they are doing to let their kids grow in football and their life, so a perfect partner for us.

Alpha Football Academy - Venezia FC - Evans Soligo

Evans Soligo

The kids have a good starting base that is their will to improve. They have a lovely smile when they come to train and see a ball and having fun helps them to improve.

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