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Nurturing and developing young talents is at the very core of our success. Throughout the years, our youth development has demonstrated its quality. Even players who have not been with us for their entire development still progress and leave the Academy as better players and people.

We believe in attacking football. We want to inspire and entertain with creative, dynamic and dominant play. The individual player is the central pillar of our development philosophy.

To build an international level talent, we focus on technical, tactical, physical and mental development from three perspectives: Alpha Quality, Style Of Play and Unique Skills.

Our Three Pillars-2.png

We want to transform each individual into a player who can make a difference on the ball. Players who have maximum control over the ball. Players who know what it means to play 1-on-1.


We have a distinctive style of play. We emphasise both attacking and defensive principles to define this style. During the game, we adapt our playing principles to the strengths and weaknesses of our opponent. For example, how can we attack when the opponent is applying pressure in a specific way? Additionally, we deal with specific match situations, such as we might end up going down a man. Despite being at a quantifiable disadvantage, we continue to stick to our principles as much as possible. We begin and restart the game according to our philosophy. For instance: From our goal kicks, we try to build up from the back by creating space, luring in the opponent and creating a numerical advantage around the ball.


A player can distinguish himself from others by displaying a distinctive quality. We refer to these qualities as unique skills. These could be either technical, tactical, physical or mental.


We are proud to share the Alpha philosophy. This is our unique way.




  • Our coaching sessions have been tailor-made to replicate match-like situations and atmosphere during warm-ups and drills. Playing the way we train and training the way we play are important.

  • Our offensive, creative, competitive exercises are practised repeatedly. Players are never allowed to settle as progressions and challenges are thrown at them by our coaches, who instruct, educate and motivate them.

  • Players are given the freedom and a safe space to innovate, fail and learn from mistakes. However, players are held to high standards on and off the pitch and must always exude the Academy philosophy.

  • Emphasis is laid on players' technical, tactical, psychological, physical and social development.

  • Our comprehensive coaching sessions always consist of a warm-up, coordination training, passing, dribbling, shooting, skill development, positional play and small-sided games. Apart from physical work, the players undergo leadership and character-building challenges throughout their journey at the Academy.



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