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​Alpha Football Academy began on 30th May 2014 (then known as The Football Academy Oman) with just three boys, a few footballs and two passionate brothers. The aim was to provide quality training and set the stage for young children to participate in organized sports year-round. Three years later, on 10th October 2017, what began as a passion project had evolved into a company and one of the largest football academies in Oman with international club partnerships and rebranded as Alpha Football Academy.

Our early days of part-time coaches, short schedule, training by the beach and small grounds were long gone.

The Academy has undergone massive changes through its travel and international associations in the last couple of years. We have since built a strong philosophy and methodology. We have also moved onto quality training pitches, a year-round schedule and a mix of full-time and part-time coaches with qualifications in football coaching, scouting and management.

The successful growth has resulted from the never-ending passion for sports, its values and long hours of relentless work by the coaches and the endless support and love of our members, who have been patient and loyal throughout our journey. We are proud of the family atmosphere we have created, and this is reflective of our motto, "Participate. Belong. Inspire."

It is just the beginning, and the next few years will see us expand into other sports and countries and
continue to encourage adults and children to participate, belong and inspire.



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