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DOB 21 OCT 06

06 JUL 20


I've always loved football from the age of 4. I used to play with my family, friends and still play at home. One day my teacher asked our class what do we aspire in life; everyone answered the doctor, teacher, engineer etc. and mine simply was to be a professional football player. Unfortunately, I used to get bullied at school, because I play football with boys. I decided that I wanted to improve, but the opportunity was limited to playing at home. Sports trainer/teacher of my school do not advocate girls playing football, but I convinced my teacher to let me play in the boy's team. I trained every Tuesday for one hour with the team, but it wasn't sufficient as I wanted to learn more. I wanted to join an academy to improve further, and my parents were immediately on board as they vowed to support me through-out my journey on becoming a professional football player. They encouraged me because school opportunities were minimal and searched for opportunities outside by visiting many academies to try out and finally found Alpha Football Academy.

Alpha isn't like any other academy that I've been to in Muscat, Oman. It's different, the coaches, ambience and friends I've made. Training is progressive, well done and planned upfront with a focus on developing skills and fitness. Alpha gives you the time and energy to learn skills and improve from mistakes. They also hand out workouts and ball exercises to follow up after sessions at home and creates opportunities for your dream to become a reality.

I am highly motivated and working hard on becoming a professional football player in the future for which my coaches are supporting me and always telling me not to care about what others say. I hope one day I can achieve my dreams and make Alpha and my parents proud. I'm grateful for what Alpha and my parents have done to develop my skills and thank the mercy of God for being part of the Alpha family.

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