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​Alpha Football Academy focuses on possession-based, fast, free-flowing football, with an emphasis on technical ability and tactical knowledge.

​Mindset, intelligence, speed and technique are vital components of our philosophy.


​We have tailor-made our coaching sessions to replicate match-like situations and atmosphere during warm-ups and exercises. Our progressive, competitive, offence-minded exercises are practiced over and over, and players are instructed and educated by our coaches. Players are given the freedom to innovate,

fail and learn from mistakes.


Emphasis is laid on players' technical, tactical, psychological, physical and social development.

Our comprehensive coaching sessions always consist of a warm-up, coordination training, technique and
skill development, match-related progression and match time, all on par with international standards.


​01. Alpha Football Academy - The Academy focuses on your child as an individual and their
developmental needs. We'll give them a safe, secure environment to take risks, be creative and feel confident to learn at their own pace over the long term.

02. High-Performance Camp - In the next development phase, players are placed in a High-Performance Camp at different participating clubs around the globe, where players are given an opportunity to experience

football and culture.

03. Local And International Club Trials - Trials are an essential aspect of player development. The Academy provides the platform to showcase the player's talent to local and international scouts to further their careers professionally.


​Alpha Football Academy programmes are organized as per international club standards through our partnerships. Our growth is a direct result of the relentless work by our coaches to create progressive, competitive and enjoyable training sessions that focuses entirely on player development.

To develop a better player, we must develop a better mindset, intelligence and attitude in the player. Therefore, our training concept vastly focuses on the intelligence of the player. The sessions are designed as a workout for the brain. We encourage players to be creative and to think outside the box. The way they look at situations and the decisions they make is what will differentiate our players from others.


Alpha Play programme aims at everyone aged 5 to 18 to participate and enjoy weekly training year-
round. Our focus is to create progressive,
competitive and enjoyable training sessions.

All groups train twice a week.


The stage is set for two competitive competitions: a three-month league and a classic tournament for
boys and girls. Schools, academies and amateur teams are welcome to sign up or join in as an individual,
and we will find you a team.


Pro clinics are designed to challenge and push the players in all aspects of the game. We put them in a
competitive environment to test their adaptive capabilities, professionalism, mindset, attitude and
hunger for the game. Players train four times a week.



Travel, learn and experience rich culture and train at some of the best clubs and with coaches in

Europe and Asia.


We organize and participate in scouting camps worldwide to showcase and expose our talented playersto clubs - we lay out a realistic pathway for our players.


Every member of Alpha Football Academy will be given access to our performance management
application. The system forms a centralized hub where parents and players can track performance,
attendance, coaches' feedback, payments, and more.


Alpha Girls is an avenue for all football-loving girls to learn, play and compete. Girls aged 5 to 25 can
develop their football skills and go on a professional journey.

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